Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Read before your Marriage

Dear Brother,
The day you marry your wife, is the day ALLAH places a trust and responsibility on you to give her the rights as a wife and she becomes your family, your comforter, the mother of your children.. So fear ALLAH in regards to your duties as a husband.

Dear Sister,
When you marry your husband you leave your birth home and you become a real woman. Your husband becomes your family, your maintainer and protector, the father of children, your friend and lover so treat him well and follow him to the ends of the earth.. Fear ALLAH in regards to how you treat him.

Marriage in Islam completes half of your deen. Do not be swayed by good looks or money as these will come and go. Marry a man who Truly fears and loves ALLAH.. Who puts Islam 1st before anything. Learn and walk in deen together. Go in a marriage with the purpose in getting closer to ALLAH and In sha’ ALLAH it will be a blessed marriage!

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