Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Poor Jokes (Engineering)

Q. A man went to the church and told the priest,"Father, I have sinned ninety times". Father said, "beta dont worry u will get caught 45 times." How did Father work this out. Was he a clarivoyant?
A: Becoz sin 90=cot 45

Q: What do you call the most religious unit in electric science?
A: Ohm

Q: what is the volume of a person who has lost all his memory in a typical (filmy) accident !!!
A: 1/3 pi*r*r*r
bcos he says
"main KOUN (cone) hoon !!??? "

Q: Why Dont people laugh at a complex joke--> P + iJ
A: Because the Joke part of it is imaginary!!! !

Q: Wat do u cal a cylinder of radius "z" units and height "a" units?
A: Pizza!
Coz volume of cylinder= Pi * r * r * h
=>pi*z*z* a

Q: Once all chemistry professors went to see the movie "Iron Man" expecting the iron man to be a lady. Why?
A: Because in chemical terms
Iron = Fe
Man = Male
So Iron Man becomes Fe-Male or female

Q: What is the Population Control Program of the Chinese Government called
A: Chini Kam

Q: wat wud an angrez say to his Anpadh hindu naukar if he wants him to open the door!!!
A: "There Was A Cold Day " (say it fast)

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